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Leap2: A Lesson in Timely PR

Leap2 – a search platform designed with mobility in mind – hired Geben to assist with brand building, starting with establishing the company as a player in the technology scene and building momentum for future product launches.

Geben developed and executed a strategy to highlight Leap2 as a forward-thinking technology company, while also leveraging timely current events to spark additional news coverage. To do this, we focused on three key story opportunities:

  • Nail it. Then scale it. Based in Kansas City, Leap2 began with one full-time employee (the founder) and a dedicated group of freelancers and contractors. By taking this very lean model, they didn’t need to secure a massive round of funding to build and launch their initial product. Instead, they took a lot of time to understand users’ search behaviors and modify the app accordingly. Then, once they felt they were closer to having a product ready to scale, they brought on a full-time work force. This “start small” model was the opposite of what you hear coming out of many Silicon Valley companies. Paired with Leap2’s location, it was also likely to pique media interest.
  • Homes for hackers. Leap2 was the first startup to move into the Kansas City Startup Village, powered by Google Fiber. Knowing that interest in fiber would be high, we leveraged this opportunity to reinforce Leap2 as on the cutting-edge, while also putting a name and face to the story. That way, instead of just focusing on fiber, media could also highlight an actual company to share how the new technology would impact entrepreneurs.
  • Mobile search trends. As we began shifting focus back to the Leap2 product, we worked to secure guest posts and interview opportunities that reinforced the company’s message, “Every question deserves an answer,” and educated potential users that search built for today’s mobile lifestyle means lists of links aren’t the answer.

Media coverage included the front-page of the New York Times, Associated Press, CNN’s Anderson Cooper Live,, GigaOm, VentureBeat, Mashable and Network World. The outcomes illustrate the value of timely outreach and creative storytelling, while also underscoring the importance of PR when demonstrating momentum to potential partners and investors.