Our Work

At Geben, innovation isn’t just something we talk about, it’s in our DNA. It’s something we live every day and something you will find at the core of everything we do.

At traditional agencies you end up paying for a piece of history – old names, old wins and old ways of thinking. At Geben, we embrace new ways of doing PR, constantly looking to future trends to guide the strategies we’re developing today. We’re always monitoring results, adjusting course and identifying new and better ways to help clients succeed. We help startups think big, and help big brands think like startups.

We partner with brands doing things we’re excited about, because when we’re excited about what our clients are doing, their success becomes our success. Their wins become our wins. More importantly, we genuinely like the people we work with. (If you’re a jerk, we won’t even give you a proposal. Seriously.)

Here’s a sampling of organizations that put their trust in us to produce results that matter: