This New Journal Will Teach You to Be More Mindful

Brit + Co.: The Calm app has now introduced over three and a half million people to meditation and mindfulness. Now, Calm’s co-creators are ready to reach even more people with their newest addition: an activity-packed journal on meditation and mindfulness. According to Brit + Co., here’s what sets the book apart from others:

For starters, it goes beyond coloring in the lines (although there’s a little of that too) to teach people simple daily habits that’ll make a big difference in their mood.

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Nationwide enjoys Super Bowl with Peyton Manning on its side

The Columbus Dispatch: Nationwide didn’t buy commercial time during Super Bowl 50, but thanks to its association with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, the company might benefit from the big game more than companies that have paid millions to be part of the lineup. In this Dispatch article, Heather weighed in:

“So now, when fans see Peyton Manning, those jingles come into their heads and it’s automatically a positive association,” said Heather Whaling founder/president of Columbus-based public relations firm Geben Communication. “And because he’s Peyton Manning and because he’s the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl, it creates a positive halo effect for Nationwide.”

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Good Day Columbus: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Good Day Columbus sent reporter Cameron Fontana behind the scenes with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing to give viewers an inside look at how Wolf’s Ridge brews and bottles its award-winning beer.

Additional segments: Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4

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6 ways patients will benefit from medical tech advances

Columbus Business First asked Matt Dopkiss, managing partner of Dynamit, to describe how technological advances are making health care better this year.

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Madison Electric acquires telecom conduit body manufacturer Smart Pathways LLC

Cabling Installation & Maintenance: Madison Electric Products announced it has acquired Smart Pathways LLC, which manufactures and distributes the Smart LB brand of telecom conduit bodies — known for its built-in elbow that helps electricians and cable installers prevent cables from getting caught or damaged when they’re pulled around corners. Smart Pathways LLC is the second company Madison has acquired through its crowdsourced product development platform, the Sparks Innovation Center.

Additional coverage: The Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine, Electrical Wholesaling

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Arts preview: Denny Griffith: new art, “new” artist

Columbus Alive featured Denny Griffith, former CCAD president and “new” artist on the rich Columbus scene, who will have his first exhibition open this month at his former school.

“I’ve learned over time that the big goal is to find out what you have to say as an artist that is visually distinctive or unique,” Griffith said. “I’ve always loved to look at the world and render the world, and I’ve kept up my art practice even while I was working.”

Additional coverage:, ThisWeek News

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Business Lessons from the Creative World

Columbus CEO: All over Columbus, organizations are delivering business advice to creative entrepreneurs. GCAC, Wild Goose Creative and Columbus College of Art & Design are just a few of the names leading the charge. As it turns out, the business community can learn a few things from these artists and designers, too. Elaine Grogan Luttrull, department head for business & entrepreneurship at CCAD, shared five key lessons that businesses can learn from the creative world.

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The Power and Pleasure of Networking

Electrical Wholesaling shared “reverse networking” advice from Madison Electric Products’ VP of Marketing Rob Fisher:

It’s important to be receptive to mentoring from your younger co-workers because you can learn from them, too. During a recent chat with Rob Fisher, vice president of marketing for Madison Electric Products, Bedford Heights, Ohio, we talked about how he likes to pick the brains of Madison’s millennial employees and how much one bright, young employee recently taught him how the younger generations use social media tools like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram.

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Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips

Austin’s KVUE-TV interviewed Zaarly service provider Leslie Byer Rosner about the best ways to declutter and organize your home after the holidays.

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What CMOs Need to Know About Accessibility

CMO Essentials: Web accessibility is fairly straightforward, but few companies – including digital agencies – truly understand what it takes to make a website accessible. Further, even less prioritize accessibility when designing websites.

In reality, accessible websites are better for everyone. They enable some of your most disadvantaged consumers. And they might just save your company from a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Dynamit technology strategist Josh Amer shared five things all marketers should consider before cutting accessibility from a project.


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