Social Monitoring Tools Predict Super Tuesday Results

O’Dwyers: Cision utilized its social monitoring tools to predict the Super Tuesday races. Conducting analytical polls that monitor online social conversations, the PR software company was able to produce voter forecast percentages in each of the 11 states participating in the crucial Super Tuesday presidential primary race.

Cision had previously predicted the winners for both the Iowa Republican Caucus (Ted Cruz) and the New Hampshire Democratic and Republican Party primaries (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, respectively), based on an analysis of Twitter conversation percentages among IA and NH voters.  Cision also accurately predicted that Trump would win the February 20 South Carolina Republican primary, based on the fact that he accounted for 40 percent of the GOP voice percentage occurring in that state.

Additional coverage: Direct Marketing News

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FIRST LOOK: Robert Mason Co. ready to open in Short North

Columbus Business First previewed Robert Mason Co.’s new Short North store (the original downtown pop-up shop was destroyed by a fire in 2014) in advance of its grand opening.

The 1,800-square-foot space allows Grimmett to pay homage to both his original office supply store in West Virginia and the Gay Street pop-up, while affording him room to expand into new businesses and bring what has been online only to phyiscal life. “He’s meticulous — and I say that in the kindest sense,” said Blake Compton, president of Compton Construction, which built the store. “It’s his vision. We built it. I think it’s well beyond his dreams. It’s beautiful.”

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11 Insanely Effective Apps That’ll Help You Sleep Better

Buzzfeed featured Calm — a top mindfulness and meditation app — in its roundup of apps to help you sleep better.

The app’s programs target different things that can improved by meditation, like mindfulness and sleep. The free “Calm” course focuses on mindfulness and posture, while the “Sleep” program is designed for those who need help winding down. There are also nature scenes paired with soothing music to relax you for any period of time. The timer feature, which wakes you up with a singing bowl, is also useful for people who want to meditate on their own time without guidance.


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3 Ways to Socialize Experiential Advertising

Adweek’s Social Times: Marketers are always looking for ways to extend the conversation between brand and consumer. That’s what we’re paid to do. Too often though, we think in narrow terms about how to generate brand advocacy online. But, for brands to make a true impact with social media, there first needs to be an offline interaction that resonates loudly with people … and one that ideally gets shared online. Experiential advertising is one way for brands to use offline engagements to spur online conversations. Civitas Now’s Jacob Taylor discussed three ways a brand can leverage these types of real-world activations to make a social media splash.

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Clients see benefits in newswire consolidation but want more innovation

PR Week: A flurry of mergers and acquisitions — including Cision’s acquisition of PR Newswire — has turned the newswire world upside down over. Cision executives weighed in on how they’ll continue to innovate and push their platforms forward, responding to the ever-changing needs of PR pros.

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7 Tips For Franchising Your Business

Forbes: Amanda Knapp had never thought about franchising Sitting Made Simple … until former employees and moms, who had used her services but no longer lived in her service area, wanted to replicate her business. And, investors who were clients were offering money. Based on her experience franchising Sitting Made Simple, Amanda offered advice to help other business owners do the same.

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How Influencer Relationships Promote Business Development

Convince & Convert: Heather joined the new Influence Pros Podcast to discuss the importance of relationship building and share why influencer marketing has become the core of what she’s doing for Geben.

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How Digital Marketing Will Decide the Next President

Direct Marketing News: Cision provided data around which presidential candidates are winning and losing the digital/social marketing race. Demonstrating the highest level of social savvy early on is Bernie Sanders, according to Cision’s content marketing and social media manager:

Sanders sent a tweet within minutes of winning New Hampshire thanking supporters and volunteers got 17,000 retweets. As the campaign wears on, Twitter will increasingly be used by candidates as a rapid response and engagement tool.”

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INTERVIEW: Cision’s Peter Granat Shares Major Updates to PR Industry

Adweek’s PR Newser interviewed Cision CEO Peter Granat about recent updates to Cision’s PR Edition, including more robust engagement tracking, news monitoring and other premium services, and why they matter to today’s PR pros.

Communications professionals are working in a faster environment and trying to reach a larger audience than ever before. Cision always aims to be an extension of our clients’ teams, and with new technology and resources through acquisitions, we’re ready to showcase insights, premium content, and services that help our clients do their job faster and with more visibility into the impact they have on their brand reputation. This upgrade shows Cision’s continued momentum to build a leading communications platform.

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How DoMedia upped its sales, adoption in ad game

Columbus Business First: DoMedia LLC spent seven years building users and persuading a fragmented outdoor advertising industry to change before enjoying a breakout 2015: It said its revenue grew nearly six times over 2014.

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