geben: to give

GebenGeben Communication focuses on telling a story … communicating the right message to the right audience … influencing public perception. Connecting … communicating. Just as important, it’s about using a platform for good.

In fact, the word geben means “to give” in German.

We strongly believe in the power of nonprofits, the backbones of communities across this country — providing everything from social services and health care … to education and cultural enrichment. Our faith in these organizations is so strong that Geben will make a donation to a nonprofit for every new client we sign.

about Heather

Heather Whaling fuses strategic thinking, strong writing, and creativity to deliver PR and social media results. After nearly a decade of PR agency work, she launched Geben Communication to advise organizations about the value of integrating digital communication with traditional approaches. Heather works with a range of companies — big (FORTUNE 500 and a best-selling author) … and small (a London-based start-up and a “mompreneur”), as well as nonprofit organizations. Her clients have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, and Web Worker Daily.

Named one of the top 30 PR experts to follow on Twitter, Heather co-moderates the popular #pr20chat, a weekly live Twitter chat exploring social media’s influence on public relations. In addition to running her own PR and social media blog, she’s also a contributor to the PR Breakfast Club, one of industry’s top blogs.